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Masai Eco Lodge

Available Rooms

3 star
+254 700 900 603
Kajiado-Namanga Highway, Leruat Log Resort.
12:00 noon
1 nights

“When you get to the Masai eco lodge you immediately begin to appreciate the integration of the Kenyan culture into the general ambiance. Everything from the food to the architecture is intrinsically Kenyan is such a unique way such that it makes you feel far from all but close to heritage.

It’s a place you can relax, be yourself, appreciate nature, appreciate culture, appreciate yourself.

The rooms are simple however they are very ideal for that vacation party that likes taking holidays together. Each room has been situated in a chattel that holds up to 3 rooms all of which have access to a common kitchenette and small quaint dining area. The rooms do not have the usual western hotel tiles since the floors have been lined with red ochre to give them that Kajiado flavor, sort of what we all grew up knowing before the advent of tiles in Kenya.

The beds have been made from very unique wood which seem to have been cut from fallen trees which were given a fresh lease of life in the provisioning of comfort at night for human beings. The beds headboards are actually nothing more than just a cross sectional cut of the dead tree’s trunks.

The utilization of the dead tree trunks in most of the rustic furniture ensures that masai eco lodge only takes from nature what it needs to take, nothing more, nothing less all is done to ensure a balanced ecosystem that provides opportunity for indigenous plant and animal species to coexist.” Excerpt from the Lodge’s Website

Policies of Masai Eco Lodge

12:00 noon

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Masai Eco Lodge Kajiado, Kenya

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