Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Travel

Satisfaction? Relaxation? Awesome experience? The world over, every person strives for these. Since ages ago many have attributed Sex these results. But can we pose and ponder if this is the best way to devote our lives to. The pursuit fot Satisfaction and Relaxation should last beyond the awesome experience. Sex has its pleasure in […]

Safe Travel in the COVID-19 Pandemic

You think you are packed for the next vacation, business trip, or just another local or international travel? Covid-19 has reorganized our traditional travelling, where one would only consider the traveling itself and one’s goals. This time we have to consider ourselves too, which makes travelling all the more fun, intriguing and at the same […]

Hells Gate, Naivasha Day Trip

A lover of adventure? Well, you have not seen the great Hell’s Gate of Kenya just located down south of Lake Naivasha, between the Longonot and Suswa.My friends and I decide to take a trip to the great Rift Valley. Among our objectives is visiting the so much talked about ‘great canyon of Kenya’. Personally […]