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A lover of adventure? Well, you have not seen the great Hell’s Gate of Kenya just located down south of Lake Naivasha, between the Longonot and Suswa.
My friends and I decide to take a trip to the great Rift Valley. Among our objectives is visiting the so much talked about ‘great canyon of Kenya’. Personally I’m so curious to see this ‘Hell’s Gate’. Why the hake was it branded the name Hell’s Gate? Is it because it resembles hell or something. Though scaring a bit by the name, I cannot desist the curiosity to have a glimpse of it and know what it looks like.
It’s our third day in the Rift Valley. After an hour or so at Lake Naivasha, we take a ride to the Hell’s Gate. In 20 minutes time we are there. We get off the van after parking and from the onset, the scenery is just amazing.
We start our walk through the park. There is presence of wildlife. Well, at least no predators are present. And that gives a sense of safety as one tours the park. There are even a number of people cycling through the park. From a distance we can see the elands and gazelles. There are also zebras present and a number of birds.
Our tour guide takes us through the amazing obsidian caves. We learn about the devil’s bedroom, kitchen and workshop. An amazing encounter.
We enter the Ol Njorowa gorge and this is evidently the most attractive part of the park. It’s a whole two hour expedition. A wonderful experience of geological beauty and satisfaction. An awesome discovery of hot water geysers and springs, rock formation and colourful strata. Not forgetting the water eroded walls that almost block out the skies due to their narrowness.

And then there was the most frightening part – walking along the walls. I have a problem with heights but I was determined to get up there just like the rest. My friend,Amina almost slips off the wall. Luckily,we get hold of her in good time. It actually needs some good fitness and good shoes to climb those rocks.

Hell’s Gate National Park is such a wonderful place! It’s worthwhile your visit. Book Now