These beautiful villas, facing the sea, offer you absolute seclusion and an all-encompassing sense of Zanzibar. The outside of your front door features a seat, covered in fragrant frangipani and bougainvillea, providing the ideal place for you to relax and enjoy private moments with a steaming cup of coffee. The interiors boast of exquisite detailing, with decorative Vidaka plasterwork standing testament to the workmanship of local craftsmen. Combined with subtly modern aesthetics and practical attributes, this plasterwork aids in keeping the villas cool and fresh at all times. The four-poster beds are draped in billowing muslin, made up with 400 thread count cotton. Topped off by a large private infinity pool that seamlessly spills over the top of the cliff into the sea, a stay in these villas is sure to make your holiday in Zanzibar a memorable one!