Stepping foot into these villas is sure to give you a feeling akin to arriving into your private Zanzibar home. A uniquely crafted front door greets you, hand-carved in typical Moorish style with brass features, wrapped in fragrant hibiscus or bougainvillea. The interiors feel cool, serene, and spacious, with some villas featuring round-shaped stone Saruji beds, while others feature a four-poster bed draped in white muslin. Laze around your villa in Zanzibar, in your shared but much desired infinity pool watching fishermen drift by on their dhows, while listening to the soothing and rhythmic splashing of waves. When there’s a low tide, the shore is merely a few steps away from your Villa. You can reserve these as one-bedroom suites or two-bedroom villas, with each of them featuring a private entrance and shared infinity pools.