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Safe Travel in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected How we Travel

You think you are packed for the next vacation, business trip, or just another local or international travel? Covid-19 has reorganized our traditional travelling, where one would only consider the traveling itself and one’s goals. This time we have to consider ourselves too, which makes travelling all the more fun, intriguing and at the same time active experience of all its aspects

A Covid-19 Test?

At the moment, and with the various strains of the Covid-19 disease, it is vital that you get a test for this to ascertain your condition. You don’t necessarily need to be exposed in order to go for a test. The Ministry of Health encourages everyone to take the test.

Among the people considered for vaccination, any traveler makes top of the list, because their movement is in itself an opportunity for exposure. It is necessary to take the vaccine in order to be safe.

Face masks have become an important tool for protection every time you step out of your house. Consider throwing a pack of masks, especially the 3-ply facemasks which have been proven to be at least 90% effective.

Since you will be interacting with a number of people, touching different things at different times, it is necessary to have you own hand sanitizer. This is because the Covid-19 virus is believed to remain alive on surfaces for a number of hours or even days. Thus with your own sanitizer, you can regularly sanitize to keep yourself safe.

It is obvious that after people got used to the existence of the Virus, many resorted to the old way of life and flights, trains, public transport means have ignored social distance. It is safe for you as you travel to always keep yourself safe and maintain a social distance as your own responsibility.

Follow up on daily adverts on the status of infections and new strains and the growing or reducing numbers of infections and effects to guide your travel arrangements. Also get to know of any travel advisories, lockdowns, curfews and other measures set to curb infection rate.

Stay Safe and Join Destinations 101 in spreading the message of Safe Travel. Book Your Travel with us, Your Trusted Travel Companion!

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