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Makuti Villas Kilifi Kilifi Kenya

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Reservations to this facility are done up to 1 day prior to stay.

avg/night4,500.00 SELECT

The Cabanas, Lamu Lamu Kenya

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The Cabanas offer cool, comfortable accommodation for families, couples or single travelers – each cabana has its own large netted double bed, bathroom and private terrace: some made entirely of palm thatch, others with elevated coral foundations. Carefully sited to allow for maximum privacy, the cabanas are surrounded by indigenous trees, shrubs and bird song. Sited on a raised sand dune at the center of a long beach, the Cabanas share a fabulous pool and dining area with panoramic views of the channel and the ocean, where our chefs will deliver a delicious daily menu.

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osana Eco Nature African Cottages feature everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. After busy days exploring Coast scenery, history and food & wine scene, relax on your balcony overlooking the rolling valley views.

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Mandharini Kilifi Kilifi Kenya

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