Often Pictures of Kenya depict Kenya as only a place for safaris with mostly seen the Maasai in their regalia, the wild-beasts the Big Five. But did you know that Kenya has so much more to offer in terms tourism and memorable destinations?

Consider for example the rich history of colonial period deep in Nyeri, the burial site of the founder of Kenya Scouts, Nanyuki’s gaze of the great Mt. Kenya which is also at the foot and the place where hiking Mt. Kenya starts. From Nanyuki one has that direct connection with the mountain experience. Thus there are so many walking tours in Nanyuki.

Mt. Kenya View

The Western Region has some other scenic sites like the Famous crying stone of Kakamega. FYI this place has the most amazing rocks that lay comfortably on each other for centuries and the main one being the crying stone. The Kit Mikayi in Kisumu is its rival with more layers of stones ‘miraculously’ placed on each other.

The Kakamega Crying Stone
KitMikayi in Kisumu

The Rift valley that runs thousands of Kilomitres all the way from north Africa is another feature that buffles me along with the equator crossing points. Do you even know that humbling feeling of standing at the centre of earth! The Rift Valley has along it 6 lakes that are home to a number of wild animals and birds. Did you know that mother earth can give us Hot Water Springs that can even boil eggs! These are available in Nakuru and remain a wonder.

The North Eastern Region is mostly depicted with fighting clans and rival wars but did you know that there are over 17 attractin sites in that Region alone? These include the Boni Forest known for most indigenous trees, The Wagalla Monument’s rich history, Lake Yahud in Wajir, Elwak Ancient wells, the Marehan sandstone in Tabakka town, and the River Daua in Mandera among others.

Ukambani region has its Nzamba Rock and Komarock that the locals believe are sacred. A story goes that going round these rocks 7 times one might have a change in their gender sexuality! There is also the Mua hills wonder where the Hill defies gravity and things rolls up the hill instead of downwards. The Taita Hills, the Sandy Beaches, and Marine life all along the Kenyan coast from Lamu to Vanga speak much of the beautiful tourist attractions in Coast. The region is also home to history running way back to the 12th and 13th century with presence of Ancient ruins of Gede Ruins, Mnarani Ruins, Jumba Ruins and the slave trade sections in Kwale, Shimoni.

Kenya is in reality a serious Tourism Hub that needs to go beyond safaris and realize the rich attractions it has. At Destinations101 we strive to make every part of destinations known to the world. Write to us with which tourist site is in your locality or that you have ever visited anywhere in Kenya. Check our Tours and Book an Accommodation to enjoy your time and get value for your money.