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Mombasa Bush Party 3rd-5th Sep, 2021

Travel Guide and Tips

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    Baggage Information

    Whenever you are travelling or booking a tour with us, Make sure to know what size and type of baggage is allowed in the tours or the Airports, and S.G.R or Tour vans. This is in order to avoid carrying unnecessary baggage.

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    Airport Check-in

    Always note that for tours and trips involving Airport and Railway Check-ins, it is the respective Airport and Railway that handles the check in process.  You are therefore encouraged to adhere to all protocols as directed.

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    Traveling with Kids

    We have tour packages of different needs and it is important to know prior to booking if a particular tour will allow travelling with kids. In such tours, the parent or guardian is asked to accompany their kids at all times of the tour.

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    Special Assistance

    We provide special assistance in our tours. These include but not limited to travelers with hearing, and sight challenges as well as those with other disabilities. note that it is the travelers responsibility to notify us in advance in case of need for special assistance.


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    Plan Your Tours

    A good tour is a planned tour. To enjoy your tour, get familiarized with the goal of the tour, the itinerary, the costs involved and also the written guides to various destinations in the world. We help you every step of the way to make your tours more lively.

    Low Rate Packages

    Get to choose from the trusted low rate packages to our major tours with ease.

    Travel Insurance

    Traveling can come with other unforeseen issues. We encourage Travelers, especially those taking tours with us to arrange for Travel Insurance. In case you do not have a travel insurance policy, we can always help you get this type of cover.

    Travel Guidelines

    Traveling also falls under various lawas of Municipalities, cities and states. We encourage all our travelers to adhere to these guidelines to make travel enjoyable and avoid unnecessary arrests or fines for flouting rules.