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Travel Guide to Kenya

Kenya is the Cradle of Humanity. Travelling to and within Kenya gives you the ultimate experience of being human. This is an East African Country enjoying tropical climate and partly an equatorial climate. The sun shines throughout the year with no snowing even during cold seasons. Kenya enjoys a number of physical features that are a source of tourism for any person visiting the country. From the South side, Kenya has the Indian ocean and white sandy beaches as well as magnificent coral reefs. Here one can enjoy sea excursions and experience sea life as well as swimming and basking on the white sandy beaches with other beach games. Slightly into the country you get to enjoy Wildlife Parks with the the Biggest parks being Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. Its only in Kenya that a City, Nairobi, has a Wildlife National Park. Other features that make Kenya Stand out are the Mt. Kenya which is the Third Highest Mountain in Africa, the Menengai Crater, The Rift Valley escarpments, the Lake Victoria among other Natural and Historical sites full of fun and great learning experience. The main languages spoken in the country are English and Swahili, but locals have their own tribal languages as well as mastered other foreign languages like Italian, French, Spanish, German and lately Chinese language is being studied and spoken by a number of Kenyans. For travelers seeking accommodations and travel, Kenya has hotels in absolutely every corner of the country. Lately Taxi companies for transfers have come up. These include Uber, Wasili, Bolt among others. For those using flights, Kenya has 4 international airports: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Kenya's capital city, Nairobi, the Kisumu International Airport (KIA) in Kisumu, Kenya's third largest city and the Eldoret International Airport (EIA) in Eldoret and Moi International Airport (MIA) in Mombasa, Kenya's port city. Things to note
  1. When travelling to any part of Kenya be cautious of cons especially in currency exchange, purchase of goods and services. Do any currency exchanges in Banks, and purchase goods and services from genuine sellers and places to avoid handling goods and services with unknown sources. When going to places you have never been or are unfamiliar with consider the services of trusted local guides.
  2. Carry your identification documents at all times to avoid unnecessary inconveniences with authorities, who are usually respectful to everyone but strict in adhering to the law of the land.
  3. Learn a few swahili words like Jambo=Hi, Asante=Thank you!, Pole=I am Sorry, Kwaheri=Goodbye, Karibu=Welcome, Nawapenda=I love you all.
Kenya is the Home of Athletic Champions in the World. Among games played in Kenya are Football where the country has its Kenya Premier League. Basketball and Volleyball are also played as well as Golf with many Golf Courses scattered in the Country. Recently Kenya has hosted the World Safari Rally and other regional and International games.
It is believed that you have encountered the world when you encounter a Kenyan. Made up of over 45 tribes, the Kenyan people are a unity in diversity, with having very diverse cultures but a great connection in history and vision having suffered under British Colonialism and fought for their independence which they gained in 1963. Kenyan people are very hospitable, welcoming and engaging people. They also adapt to every environment given their natural positive attitude towards success and fun as well as value for dignity.   Being a nation of diversity, the diversity is reflected even in their religions as almost every religion in the world is found in Kenya, accompanied with great respect to the freedom of worship. These religions include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, African Traditional Religions and many more.
Most towns in Kenya enjoy much of Night life with presence of many night clubs all over. You can easily get a place to relax the evening, have a good dinner, a relaxing drink while bonding with friends, family and even strangers as most Kenyans are friendly in these night clubs. Among major towns with Active night life are Mtwapa, Bamburi, Mombasa, Voi, Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kakamega, Nyeri, Nanyuki among others.

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