Satisfaction? Relaxation? Awesome experience? The world over, every person strives for these. Since ages ago many have attributed Sex these results. But can we pose and ponder if this is the best way to devote our lives to.

The pursuit fot Satisfaction and Relaxation should last beyond the awesome experience. Sex has its pleasure in the very moment and its satisfaction doesn’t last that long. In fact in most cases, One ends up doing the satisfaction for the other person involved and many people fake satisfaction in order not to disappoint their partners. The relaxation is momentary and after a while a kind of emptiness takes you.

The best way to have lasting satisfaction and relaxation is in awesome experiences derived from travel. This is because you travel for your own good. An experience of scenic sites, waterfalls, mountain views, hiking, art centers, museums, historical sites, leaves you with a profound satisfaction. You learn, experience, get fascinated, surprised, shocked. All these give you an experience that leaves you more than satisfied.

The relaxation comes in when you ponder on your own on the marvels of travel. You are able to appreciate all things around you. The new things you learn, the experiences you take again, the fun and intrigues leave you a very fulfilled person.

We can therefore choose to devote our lives to travel than to sex. Whether its for business or pleasure, every part of travel can be a unique satisfying experience. You benefit most when you commit to experience every part in a well planned manner. From the travel arrangement, the means of transport, accommodation, transfers, having a clear plan on where you are going and what you would like to experience. You also need to know the costs involved and know how to make every experience as good as possible without any strains. It’s also good to reach the apex of your travel experience by keeping a personal journal of travels that helps you always be ready for your next experience.